1st Policy Consultant for Mental Change

My name is Christina E. Zech and I am a policy and strategy consultant and expert for mental change of societies. I consult personalities looking for fundamentally new approaches to their policy or business. 1st Policy Consultant for Mental Change

My vision for our world:
We live in a world where all people can live their destiny.
Everyone rests in himself, all peacefully side by side, in joy together and for the best of all.

Consulting 1st Policy Consultant for Mental Change

You have great goals for your country, for your organization. You notice that you can’t get any further with the previous concepts and procedures.

I offer you new approaches with which you can achieve your goals on an expected level.

I am convinced that everything that we humans have done can be changed by us again. And that is an incredible amount. In addition, we can develop completely new things that go beyond our current imagination. We have been doing it for thousands of years and still have all the skills to do it.

“Problems can never be solved with the same way of thinking that created them.” – Albert Einstein

So we can change the world for the better if we just want to. I live for creating more awareness for our huge possibilities. And to develop ourselves mentally for a better togetherness worldwide.

With new approaches I take you, your country, your company, with your political and economic partners to where you want it for the best for everyone.

What makes my consulting unique? 1st Policy Consultant for Mental Change

I have already experienced the eventful European history and all aspects of power in my family and thus a high awareness of it.

I integrate holistic innovation approaches and even music into the complex socio-political field and know the political landscape and the economy from an international perspective.

From my overall view I have an eye on the essentials and develop together with you previously unknown, functioning solutions.

I lead you to fundamentally new perspectives and work with you to develop functioning strategies to make the world a better place for all of us.
Equipped with this, you can implement solutions that you have never thought possible.

Are you interested? I would be happy to let you know more: office@christinazech.com

“Christina E. Zech’s powerful belief in the power of good and her wonderful talent to connect exciting people with strong visionary power to create great things is a wonderful combination! And I am always fascinated by her charisma. – Christina Zech succeeds in radiating a lot of lightness and joy in her great projects. Chapeau!” – Karin Maria Schertler, Member of the Management Board of Serviceplan AG


I write about the fundamental issues of our time and encourage effective holistic solutions. Read more in WELTSALON.



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