New consulting approaches for the best for all

My name is Christina E. Zech and I am policy and strategy consultant for politics and society and specialist for mental change of societies. I want to contribute to a greater awareness of a new togetherness that makes the world a better place for everyone. New consulting approaches for the best for all

What makes my consulting unique? New consulting approaches for the best for all

As a studied political scientist, musicologist and business economist I have been dealing with mental social success factors in all epochs of human history and with cultural metaconcepts, including the ideas of Claude Lévi-Strauss and the development model of Clare W. Graves.

I have already experienced the eventful European history and all aspects of power in my family and thus a high awareness of it.

I integrate holistic approaches and even music into the complex socio-political field and know the political landscape and the economy from an international perspective.

The power of positive change

It is my greatest passion to take people with their mindset to the next level of mental development that will enable them to face the new forms of coexistence of nations and generations. The decisive historical, political, and mental success factors for societies are summed up vividly.

“Christina E. Zech knows very well how to present highly complex contexts vividly and vividly, so that they will be remembered for a long time to come. I am fascinated by the power of their concrete overall view”. – Birgit Zmrhal, consultant for best performances of executives and top athletes

An international reconciliation and the further development of our societies are my concerns – because this is the only way to sustainably improve the living conditions of all people in the world. I want to help to solve the central conflicts of humanity: continuing ones like the Middle East conflict, new ones like the integration of artificial intelligence, permanent international ones like the handling of migration and climate change or the reorganization of social systems in maturing societies.


I support personalities from politics and business to live their mission for the best for all and to win the trust of others for themselves. In my consulting work, I combine tried and tested concepts from economics and leadership, from international politics and integrate holistic innovation concepts, music as well as insights from cultural and behavioural sciences and neuroenergetic coaching.

Do you want to take your high goals to the next level of success? I would be pleased to provide you with further information:


In the Worldsalon I am not only the host, but also the provider of ideas. For this purpose I also present my own concepts for discussion and thus stimulate innovative thinking. Participants from all over the world praise the atmosphere of freedom of value, appreciative listening and inspiration that prevails in my salons.